Jay-Z Fires Back……I Hope The Game Ducks!

Like I said on the prior post The Game had some harsh things to say about Jay-Z. It just seemed weird comign for The Game when he swore he looked up to Jay-Z, but never bite the hand that feeds you because that hand will smack you. Apparently Jay-Z is answering to all the lames who can’t keep his name out of his mouth. I’m talking about Jim Jones, Dancin Dame Dash, and of course The Game. On July 7th call it what you want, but I believe that jay-Z has answered to all the diss tracks and is ready to shoot back. But you know like I know when Jay shoots…… He shoots to kill! Check out this video of Jay while in Chicago and let me know what you think of Jay-Z’s comeback…….

F*cking Champion!


  1. Biggs BlastoffBoss Kamakacci

    OMG…..im so giddy and excited right now…..this is crazy man….this guy said…..OMG aside from that freemason shit….this nigga still got it man.NO ONE fuckin wit jay.Im a youngin but these youngins need to know what time it is….when its time to stay aout grown folk business.

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