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Nike Unveils “You Showed Us” Campaign for Kobe Bryant

Much respect to Kobe and how he left it all on the court. Although LeBron James will win the MVP because he is the NBA’s cash cow, it was Kobe that willed a team not worthy of his presence to the playoffs. With an overrated center, an old beat up point guard, and Metta World Destruction Kobe still willed his team to a 7th seed. Not the 8th seed like all thought. Although they got swept, there will be questions about the future of the team, for one season we saw someone not only say what he was going to dom but actually go out there and walk to walk. I salute Kobe Bean Bryant and the real MVP of the NBA this season.

Kevin Durant Hypersize Commercial

Is it me or is this commercial hilarious. Kevin Durant actually looked like some of these gimmick rappers out here in the game. Ooooooooohhh Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee It’s Velvet Hoop! That is my dude and this is my commercial. Check it out if you have been sleeping…

Video of LeBron James Getting Dunked On By Jordan Crawford!

Remember where you seen it first. Right here is the exclusive video of LeBron James getting dunked on by Jordan Crawford, brother of NBA and Detroit borned and raised Joe Crawford. I think that the cheers after the dunk was bigger than the dunk itself.

Yes he did dunk on LeBron, but Nike holding the tape made the dunk sound worse than what it was. check out the video and you decide whether the dunk was that bad. A comment would be appreciated. Enjoy!

Dwyane Wade Signs To Jordan Brand

Am I the only one who caught this info??? Dawayne Wade, who was formally with Converse, has made the jump to the big time. If you are not with Nike, then you are with Jordan. Nothing more, nothing less! You can not be a superior athlete in a sport and have wack sneakers. I am glad that D Wade made the jump and I hope hiss first sneaker is dope because I will cop it. the only person left out of the Nike/Jordan loop now is Dwight Howard, but who cares about that guy! Congrats D Wade!