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DSE At Grand Store

When you are on twitter, you meet a lot of people. People of music, people of fashion, owners of stores. DSE Grand, located downtown 202 E. grandriver, is a black owned establishment built from the ground up. the owner, James, is a very humble person who’s only goal is to be successful and teach the youth to take care of their own. Their own, meaning the people of Detroit.

It was amazing my time there all the things that surrounds the store… Skateboarders, the YMCA(Which is across the street), secret deli’s and other black owned establishments. I guess you would call DSE Grand a diamond in the rough. James holds 10 clothing lines including his own. I was lucky enough to take pictures of the store so that I can post them on hear for you, the people. I think that you all should visit his store. I know I will be back to cop a few shirts and this Malcom X fitted. Check out the pics and get down to DSE Grand and also follow him on twitter

Dope Pic

The owner himself!