Jay-Z and The Game Beefing?

Lately it seems that the Hip Hop world was starting to mellow out. 50 Cent and Rick Ross beef is everything but dead. Eminem versus the world died when he got tea bagged by Bruno. And the Bow Wow vs. Soulja Boy failed from the beginning. It seems that there was everything but peace in the world of Hip Hop. Now here we go again. The Game has decided to pop off at the mouth against the still reigning Hip Hop King Jay-Z

Apparently this beef is one sided for now only having the Game call Jay-Z out. The Game was quoted saying, “Jay imma make you so mad you gonna have to diss me… I need him to do it, I got an album coming out; help me.” Sounds a little desperate game.

Jay-Z’s only reply to the whole matter was, “Just let him commit suicide”. In the end I understand what Jay is saying. When Jim Jones tried to start a beef with Jay it hurt Jim Jones more than Jay-Z because he did not go back at him at all. This made Jim Jones look stupid and also hurt his sales. I think that this will be the same ending for The Game unless Jay-Z gets sucked into the battle

Below is a video of The Game in Madrid dissing Jay-Z repeating “F*ck Jay-Z” and even getting the crowd to repeat the same. The video even has a diss track. Enjoy and let me know how you feel about this situation brewing…..


  1. Buzz

    I actually support this BEEF,perfect set up a lot of MC’s to take Jay-Z,all Game needs is a single that is hot and make a remix with ppl who hate Jay-Z!

  2. Biggs BlastoffBoss Kamakacci

    LOL EVERY beef jay-z entered he ATE…ALIVE…But realisticly Jiggas on his grown man tip.Hes just gunna let him keep trying to make a big deal of nothing and carry on getting money.This is going to forever be a ONESIDED beef.I mean lets weigh it out….BLUEPRINT3…or Games album…LMAO Game already lost this one.

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