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When the Bully Becomes the Prey (Must See TV!!!) Fixed

In this word and in this modern time when we have our first black president, crossover music that knows no color or genre and long past intergrated education where all races share knowledge together from pre-school to grad school that there is still bullying going on in our educational institutes. A bully is only a weak minded person that is not happy with themselves so they want to make those around them miserable as well. Well for young Jaide, she went from the bully to the preyy as she got her face lumped up, hair pulled and forced to quit her day job and actually pick up a book. Check out this feather weight bought and leave me some comments on your views of bullying. Enjoy! I definitely did!

Stroops In From The Netherlands….

Shout out to Ro of Burn Rubber. As you all may know, Ro is working on a mixtape. Hiis producer resides in the Netherlands. After his producer saw our video named “Stroop Love” he offered to send Ro some hand made Stroops straight from the village in the Netherlands…. And guess who Ro offered to break bread with??? Yeah, Thanks Friend. Check out the pic and if you need to further understand how good Stroops are watch my original video “Stroop Love”.



Freshman Never Sleep!

If you don’t know aobut them, get familiar! Freshman Clothing is definitely a clothing line on the move. But the title is exactly what it is. They never sleep. The video posted is from the co owner of Freshman Clothing, Eric Lowry, rounding up some skateboarders to go out a skate at a secret location. You may also know Eric Lowry for his custom sneakers that he makes. Check out the video………

What A Start To A Week….

I know a lot of you are use to me blogging everyday all day, but I could not blog for anything yesterday. I had to post my dude Pat Piff, which you should all listen too!. Buother than that I could not sit in front of the computer for nothing. My job is on some “Micro Management” shit right now and it is funny. No matter how hard I work they find something wrong. Hopefully today will be a better day and I can post what is new on the day….

Just bare with your boy….. And one more thing, MAKE SURE YOU ARE AT THE BLOCK PARTY!