Kanye West – New Slave (Download)


When you talk about an artist that has lived on the edge since the beginning we can only think of one artist and that is Kanye West. Tonight on Saturday night when for most artist we can say that that person has gone to far I know that everyone to-night doesn’t feel that way about Ye. Nothing surprises me any more. From slipping the “N” bomb in on SNL 5 times to literally calling those who place themselves in the finest linens new slaves this person has grown to being the artist we count on for controversy. If you would like to download “New Slave” by all means please do click the link and enjoy. NEW SLAVES!!!!!

Download Link : http://www.divshare.com/download/24122028-ab2


  1. Donna mccool

    I resent the term slave.In this time none of us are slaves.You have stepped over the bounds with me.I feel all you want to do is cause trouble.Shame on you.Plus you cannot sing or rap.


      if you pay any taxes, have any involuntary withdrawals from your personal funds, live on land you have no claim to, if you dont govern yourself and you are not part of a militia then consider yourself and most/all of the people you know to be a slave.

  2. scott

    What the hell is this jerk talking about?We have a black president,more rich black (artists) political leaders and buisnesmen than ever! You have a white women pregnant and you’re making racist statements? What an asshole! I have barely enougf to get by and have worked to raise 4 black children fighting against predjudist assholes Like you who have everything!

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