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Donte Stallworth Doesn’t Get Thrown To the Dogs

stallworth_donteSince I have been out of the blogging world, in a brief time, so many things have happened. The main piece of news that caught my ear was the charges and sentence that Donte Stallworth received last week. I have never been a person to wish prison time on anyone unless they deserve it. I really do not understand the court system, the laws, or the ways of the world. If anyone does not know what I am talking about I will briefly give you a background on what it is that I am talking about.

Donte Stallworth was convicted of Vehicular Manslaughter while driving drunk. Now one would think that a crime that major would land Donte in jail for years, but due to a great lawyer and “holes in the report” he will only have to serve 30 days in a “JAIL”, 10 years probation, and 1000 hours of community service. Now if he would not have been drinking and he hit a man while doing the speed limit, then fine, I feel like he should do little to know time. But the man was drunk and he was definitely going way over the speed limit or else the victim would not have died.

The thing that upsets me is that people have been trying to compare this man’s crime to that of Michael Vicks. I see no comparison, but of course the people of the media do. They feel that Donte should not serve a long sentence due to the fact that even though he was drunk as well as speeding, the man that he killed was trying to run for a bus and ran in front of Donte Stallworth’s car and that is why he died. So you are telling me that him being drunk and speeding did not have something to do with his “reaction time”? That maybe if he was sober and doing the limit that he could of slammed on his breaks and save a life? Or at least the guy would of suffered minor injuries if he would of been doing the limit and oh yeah NOT DRUNK.

How can the media compare a human being’s life to that of a dog. Yeah Michael Vick fought dogs. We all know this and I am pretty sure that, due to his popularity, plenty of people for a long time in VA knew Vick fought dogs and did nothing about it. Due to someone (his friends) snitching on him, PETA along with other “Dog Huggers” got a hold of this news and threw Vick along with his career under the bus. Michael Vick not playing football for a year, I can see that. Michael Vick on House Arrest, I can see that. Michael Vick doing ridiculous amounts of Community Service, I can see that as well. But taking two years of his life away because of an animal with no soul, I cannot see.

If anything Michael Vick and Donte Stallworth’s sentences should have been switched. No matter if you call it Manslaughter, it is clear cut to see that Donte Stallworth killed a man, while speeding, and he was DRUNK! God bless the souls of the judge and the lawyers that came up wth Donte Stallworth’s plea deal. This was truly a horrible day in the world of the justice system.

And I will leave you all with this question….. When did the life of a DOG become more important than that of a HUMAN?