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Craig & Karl x MCM 2013 Spring/Summer “Eyes on the Horizon” Collection

Hey I am not a picky guy. I would take all of these hahahahahha. Nice collab between Craig & Karl and of course MCM. OK I lied. Whoever wants to get me one I choose the blue one!

Hall of Fame New Era Size Fitted Hats

I think that this hat is clever. Some people get tired of wearing conventional hats. Yankee, Tigers, Nationals, etc…. Why not just rock your size. I think I will get one of these hats. I know the people that will not buy this hat…. And that is any one who wears an 8. Don’t do it! Check out the pics……

The Brooklyn Circus x Casio G-Shock DW-6900

The one thing that you can say about G-Shock is that they don’t fail too often. This new two-toned G-Shock is another reason why you either rock G-Shocks, or wear nothing at all. The watch comes with a small red logo of an elephant on there. I think it’s attention to detail and that is why I am blogging this watch. But I will not stop typing and show you pics of this watch.

Cazal 951 Sunglasses x Ti$A

When I first saw these frames I though that they were ubber wack. That was until I saw that you could remove the straps and get some dope frames. My advice is throw the straps away soon as you buy these glasses. Check out the pics and you will understand what I am saying….



Nixon Ceramic Player Watch

Introducing Nixon’s first ever ceramic watch. Nixon is one of my favorite watch brands. I love the watches because they are huge. This ceramic watch is slightly different from the rest. The main difference is the red stone in it. It kind of makes the watch pop out. Well if you want this watch it will not come cheap. You will have to come out of $1,400 to get this watch on your wrist. For now just check out the pic and get your stacks up….