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Craig & Karl x MCM 2013 Spring/Summer “Eyes on the Horizon” Collection

Hey I am not a picky guy. I would take all of these hahahahahha. Nice collab between Craig & Karl and of course MCM. OK I lied. Whoever wants to get me one I choose the blue one!

Hall of Fame New Era Size Fitted Hats

I think that this hat is clever. Some people get tired of wearing conventional hats. Yankee, Tigers, Nationals, etc…. Why not just rock your size. I think I will get one of these hats. I know the people that will not buy this hat…. And that is any one who wears an 8. Don’t do it! Check out the pics……

The Brooklyn Circus x Casio G-Shock DW-6900

The one thing that you can say about G-Shock is that they don’t fail too often. This new two-toned G-Shock is another reason why you either rock G-Shocks, or wear nothing at all. The watch comes with a small red logo of an elephant on there. I think it’s attention to detail and that is why I am blogging this watch. But I will not stop typing and show you pics of this watch.