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Nike Safari Aix Max Light

Shoe Heat! These were a part of a Safari pack that released this past weekend. The one thing that I know for sure is that the Summer brings out the best in Air Max’s. If you have the means, by all means, get this sneaker! If if you were lucky to cop these I salute you!

Nike Air Max 1 Premium Team Red/Atomic Red

There is something about burgandy on a sneaker. I love them all. My favorite was the Nike X Parra collab Air max 1 that came out a while back. If you missed out on those then you may want to try your odds at these. They are scheduled to drop within the next couple of weeks. Some sites are already doing pre-orders. Good luck!

Nike Unveils “You Showed Us” Campaign for Kobe Bryant

Much respect to Kobe and how he left it all on the court. Although LeBron James will win the MVP because he is the NBA’s cash cow, it was Kobe that willed a team not worthy of his presence to the playoffs. With an overrated center, an old beat up point guard, and Metta World Destruction Kobe still willed his team to a 7th seed. Not the 8th seed like all thought. Although they got swept, there will be questions about the future of the team, for one season we saw someone not only say what he was going to dom but actually go out there and walk to walk. I salute Kobe Bean Bryant and the real MVP of the NBA this season.

Nike LeBron X “Pure Platinum”

In many Saturday battles of LeBron’s sneakers vs the pure stregnth of the Jordan Brand retro sneakers there has been no contest. But i am beginning to feel a certain way about this Pure Platinum X’s. It is a great color way and I feel like it fits the shoe more than color ways of the past. This shoe is set to drop May 4th and is up against the classics known as the Grape Jordan 5. when the time comes what shoe will you choose. The classic or the unknown?

Big Nike “Lil’ Dez” Quickstrike

So the lil homie Dez has his own sneaker… This is why you have to pay close attention to Nike. While we were all paying attention to the puppet war of Kobe and LeBron, they were secretly trying to make America fall in love with Lil Dez so that we would want to buy his sneaker when it came out. He also has a shirt to go with the sneakers. The shoes are not that bad. I just don’t think I will be rocking a puppets sneakers… what do you think? Share your opinion…

I like Nike style!

Kevin Durant Hypersize Commercial

Is it me or is this commercial hilarious. Kevin Durant actually looked like some of these gimmick rappers out here in the game. Ooooooooohhh Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee It’s Velvet Hoop! That is my dude and this is my commercial. Check it out if you have been sleeping…