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The Resurgence Of Real Hip Hop

Music has always been one of the things to help me deal with different situations going on in my life… from deaths of loved ones to celebrating a accomplishment. There’s always the right song and perfect beat to fit your mood. Without any doubt for me hip hop is the genre of music that I’ve always held close. Being a 80’s baby you can understand where I’m coming from. When I say todays hip hop or rap music is just different… I’m not bashing any of this generation of hip hop artist but as I listen to the music I don’t get that same feeling like I use to. With that being said hip hop has comeback with a force partly due to artist like Kendrick Lamarr and J Cole just to name a few. So I’m here today to give you the names of a couple of artist and albums that I feel are helping with bringing that real hip hop back to the masses. Nick Grant is someone I’ve been listening to for about a a year… his latest project titled Dreamin Out Loud is truly amazing ! With dope production , crazy flow and ridiculous rhyme skills it will not be hard to become a believer in Nick Grant. Check out the track 96 Bulls and you will see exactly what I’m talking about. Next Up Jay Rock TDE owns newest single WIN ! If you know anything about TDE then you know ever artist in their camp stands on their own. Jay Rock never disappoints i hate making comparisons but he definitely reminds of a Memphis Bleek. The track Win is nothing shortly of a motivational uplifting banger. It’s great to see and hear the music getting back to the essence of it all. As Kid Cudi once said ” this is the sound track to my life ” I just hope todays artist continue to push the culture forward and never let this art die. So many people including myself need music to get us through difficult and happy times… I’m confident with the few artist I’ve named and countless others that are bring hip hop back we will be fine and so will this thing called hip hop that I love.

Jay-z and Solange Fighting? High Society at its Lowest

We always wonder what is it like behind close doors for the who’s who of the world. Are they somewhere sipping tea on an Island that hasnt been named yet? Are they giving back to a community in need of water let alone clothing on their backs? Are they redifining what we believe innovation to be? Or are they somewhere getting rachet in an elevator!!!!

Now on one hand this incident that has happened between Jay-Z and Solange will never be revealed because as we all know Jay-Z and Beyonce are very private people. But what they will never say with words they have showed us all with actions. In a what could be drunken state, a furious Solange goes loco on Jay-z. And while Jay-Z showed restraint, his wife that you all cheer for and glorify, did nothing. Did not check her sister, didn’t step in between them to absorb those uppercuts from her sister. She just stood there looking pretty maybe not wanting to mess up her eye lashes or her lace front that costs more than my grandmothers entire block.

I type this post not to bash the rich and famous, but to show you all that the things we go through on a so called regular level, the rich and famous go through the same. Some times their publisist can cover things up, some times they know how to keep it in house, but there are those rare times when the famous shows that they are human and that they still argue, fuss and fight like we do. A bank account does not teach you manors and it sure cannot hold your liquor. I applaud Jay for not back handing Solange and I disapprove of Beyonce showing little to no emotion as her wild flower child sister went MMA on Jay-Z. The video is below. Leave any comments and I will surely answer them. I usually say enjoy the video at the end, but I do know if anyone will get joy from this….. Peace