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Meal Of the Day:Steak Pita

You already know that it is one thing that I love to do is eat good. Due to my well appetite I have to work out extra hard so I don’t end up on Fall Off Ave. lol. This Steak Pita comes from Onasis on Livernois and Tireman. I really don’t know too many Coney Islands that not only have a Steak Pita, but use real steak at that. I am full right now as I type this. Check out the pics and get hungry!












This is what it looked like with all the trimmings……


Meal Of the Day:Potato Factory

If you are from Detroit or if you plan on visiting Detroit, this is one of the places that you should dine at. I do not now where they get these huge potatoes from, but they are the best at making a baked potato. You can get whatever you want on the potato, it will fill you up, and you can get it for under $10. Potato Factory is located downtown on Wayne State University campus right on Warren Ave. Do not sleep. My potato had bacon, broccoli, and cheese on it. Check out the pics….

Had to mix it up a bit for your viewing pleasure lol…

I could only eat half. I promise you that they are the best!

Meal Of the Day

I think this is the first time that I have done a Meal Of the Day post. And this is a good one. McDonalds has recently released a 1/3 Pounder. This burger iis killing the 1/4 pounder. I selected the bacon Cheese burger and I was mad when it was gone. I have not seen any commercials yet. But if you have a McDonalds around you which i know you do go grab you this burger….