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Nametag Interview

•What was the first song or video that you saw that made you think about joining the rap game?

*You know what’s crazy. It wasn’t even a specific rap song or video that made me want to pursue a career in hip hop. It was actually the movie “Juice”. The soundtrack was dope, and something about Rakim’s song “Know The Ledge” inspired me to write my 1st verse. I had to be in either the 1st or 2nd grade.

•What was the first song that you released to the public and how many downloads did you get?

* Alright, this is back in late ’04 early ’05 when myspace was still relevant. The 1st song I released to the public was the original version of the title track for “Ahead Of The Basics”. I uploaded it to my myspace page and I may have had like 500 listens or more within the 1st night or so. I released that track before I even thought about recording a full project.

•What makes your music different from any other artists that is in the game?

*I would say I’m one of the select few artists who doesn’t lose sight of creating music that has staying power. It’s so many artists looking to release efforts that are only hot for a couple weeks, or a month…a year at the longest but that’s it. My thing is, what about 5 years or more down the line? That’s what my Classic Cadence series with Dub MD stood for. It wasn’t me saying “Yo, my shit is classic”. It was more to it.

•If you could receive that phone call that you were signed, what label would you hope was on the other end of that phone call?

*It’s so many good labels out there. The indie labels are proving great in hip hop now. I like how HiPNOTT Records is so supportive of their artists and their brands, so I’d say them, Mello Music Group, Nature Sounds or Decon.

•What is the latest project you are working on?

*At the moment, I’m looking to release a revamped edition through an indie label of my debut album, “The Name Is Tag”…new artwork and some bonuses. That’s my 1st LP so I’m trying to give it the right legs and reach the target audience it should. Besides that, I’m preparing an EP titled “For Namesake” with Michigan producer/graphic designer; Nameless.

•How many singles have been released, what’s the titles and when can we look forward to your project dropping?

*No singles have been released yet for “For Namesake”. As far as “The Name Is Tag”, the singles out are Another Other (prod. by Black Milk), Celebrate ft. Ro Spit (prod. by Black Milk) and Special (prod. by Black Bethoven). You can find the following on my official site http://itsnametag.com

•When you are not being an emcee and you are just another hip hop fan, what are the top three artists that you listen to and what makes those artists make your top 3?

*I don’t really have a list these days but damn, just 3? Okay, no particular order. Honestly as of recent I’ve been listening to J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and another upcoming artist from Detroit named Mahd. I picked Cole because I can relate to his story of being a humble upcoming emcee. He knows how to reach that target audience without actually compromising. Kendrick Lamar because an album like Section .80 shows that “natural” hip hop is on its way back to the forefront. Don’t be afraid to be you. Mahd is new but consistent with releasing music be it original or a cover. Either way he actually gets better with each verse/song and that’s what it’s about, getting better as you grow.

•Who has helped you to get to the point you are at as far as your team who surrounds you?

*God, sweet baby Jesus, and my family.

•Any shout outs that you would like to make?

*Shoutout to my family on the mom and dad side, my fiancee, my manager/marketing/branding consultant (lol), the fans, and the people on a regular day basis in my ear or through text helping me stay on the right path with my music career. Y’all know who y’all are. We will save names for the next album, cool?…Cool.

•How might people be able to contact you on Facebook and Twitter and where can they get your music at?

*Click LIKE on the “Nametag” facebook fan page, follow me, http://twitter.com/Nametag All my music can be downloaded or purchased at http://itsnametag.com

•To end it, is there anything that you would like to tell the people to help further expand your fan base?

*”Classic Cadence 3″ free mixtape download out now.If you’re a fan of quality and authentic music, just period (doesn’t have to be hip hop) and you support the artists behind it, then you will not have an issue visiting http://itsnametag.com to see what Nametag is all about. Music with staying power. That’s my aim.

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