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Jay-z and Solange Fighting? High Society at its Lowest

We always wonder what is it like behind close doors for the who’s who of the world. Are they somewhere sipping tea on an Island that hasnt been named yet? Are they giving back to a community in need of water let alone clothing on their backs? Are they redifining what we believe innovation to be? Or are they somewhere getting rachet in an elevator!!!!

Now on one hand this incident that has happened between Jay-Z and Solange will never be revealed because as we all know Jay-Z and Beyonce are very private people. But what they will never say with words they have showed us all with actions. In a what could be drunken state, a furious Solange goes loco on Jay-z. And while Jay-Z showed restraint, his wife that you all cheer for and glorify, did nothing. Did not check her sister, didn’t step in between them to absorb those uppercuts from her sister. She just stood there looking pretty maybe not wanting to mess up her eye lashes or her lace front that costs more than my grandmothers entire block.

I type this post not to bash the rich and famous, but to show you all that the things we go through on a so called regular level, the rich and famous go through the same. Some times their publisist can cover things up, some times they know how to keep it in house, but there are those rare times when the famous shows that they are human and that they still argue, fuss and fight like we do. A bank account does not teach you manors and it sure cannot hold your liquor. I applaud Jay for not back handing Solange and I disapprove of Beyonce showing little to no emotion as her wild flower child sister went MMA on Jay-Z. The video is below. Leave any comments and I will surely answer them. I usually say enjoy the video at the end, but I do know if anyone will get joy from this….. Peace

OriginalFake is Now Closed for Business (End Of an Era)

I will be the first to say that I was a huge fan of this brand. they did things that I did not that you could do and pushed the envelope time and time again. But as well all know whether it is forced or the suggested bowing out gracefully, all things must come to an end. Let us not forget the great designs, great toys and all those that Original Fake inspired to start their own brands. (2006-2013)

When the Bully Becomes the Prey (Must See TV!!!) Fixed

In this word and in this modern time when we have our first black president, crossover music that knows no color or genre and long past intergrated education where all races share knowledge together from pre-school to grad school that there is still bullying going on in our educational institutes. A bully is only a weak minded person that is not happy with themselves so they want to make those around them miserable as well. Well for young Jaide, she went from the bully to the preyy as she got her face lumped up, hair pulled and forced to quit her day job and actually pick up a book. Check out this feather weight bought and leave me some comments on your views of bullying. Enjoy! I definitely did!

Still Dogging Vick!




As we all learned a few day ago, Michael Vick has been reinstated into the NFL…. But Way! It is conditional! What might I mean by conditional you ask? It means that Michael Vick can sign with a team, practice with a team, play the last two games of the Preseason, but after that…… He will have to sit on the sidelines, rather at home and wait for Rodger Goddell to give him the Ok to play in a Regular season game. Too Much?

I feel at this point Vick has paid his debt to society. He spent two years in jail, lost every endorsement possible, has been embarrased numerous times by PITA and the media and he still has to wait to play a real game? I feel at this point the Commisioner of the NFL is just sticking to Vick making him the focus of all future NFL players and teaching them in advance not to mess up or you will be just another Vick-tum!.

I wish Michael Vick success. I hope sooner, rather than later, he gets signed to a team that trusts that he is not only a changed man, but a driven man who wants to prove that he is still one of the best ATHLETES period! What do you think of the situation. Do you think Vick has paid his debt, or do you think the Commissioner is right? Let me know and this has been my Food For Thought…

Richard Jefferson…. I Don’t!

richard_jefferson-wife-bikini-boobsI am kind of mad that I have been so busy that I could not give food for thought on the topic of Richard Jefferson leaving his ex fiancee at the alter. If you have ever had a conversation you would know that I usually stay neutral until I hear the whole story.

At first I thought that maybe Richard Jefferson knew that he was only marrying a pretty face and maybe he wanted more out of a marriage other than a wife with a great a*s. there were reported rumors that the week before their wedding that the ex fiancee and Richard had been at each others throats heavy….

Whether they had been arguing everyday since he proposed to her, one thing I know for certain. YOU DO NOT BREAK UP WITH YOUR FIANCEE VIA EMAIL! That right there was not a good look for men across the world. It showed that good old boy Richard is still highly immature and that he only cares about himself. Helping people to prove their theory that athletes are self absorbed.

the worse part was that he still had a reception. Why would you want you friends to party on your dime if there is nothing to party for? After all of these men were killed because of a woman scorned, why would you basically spit in this woman’s face? Baby we need to talk, things aren’t working out, maybe we should take a break! Yes all of those phrases sound stupid, and yes ladies you may lose respect for a guy if you hear those words, but you will respect him more than if you got one of those three phrases via text or email.

One rotten apple will spoil the bunch when that apple’s name is Richard Jefferson. Money can not buy you love, but it can buy his ex fiancee. It is reported that after the email/text that Richard Jefferson paid her a 6 figure settlement to help her move on…. I will say it for her:Thanks Jerk Face!

Just like no man deserves to be treated like less of a man, no woman deserves to be treated like anything less than a woman on the most important day of her life. Next to a woman’s birthday, her wedding day is the most important thing to her. It is what they dream of as they demand that their Ken doll marries Barbie. It is the reason that they are the Flower Girls, the Brides Made, the Made of Honor…. All so that one day they can be the beauty of the day. Richard Jefferson robbed his ex fiancee of that day and now she may be just another woman scorned.

Does Jay-Z Still Influence What You Wear?

This was a post that I had originally did about two weeks ago that was never released due to people fearing a truthful opinion. I have been a fan of Jay-Z since day one. back in 1996 when Jay hit the scene his lyrics filled my ears. It was just two years later when Jay-Z made his imprint into the world of fashion. Roc-A-Wear was on the back of almost all the kids in the urban area. There was not a thing that Jay-Z could do wrong when it came to clothes.

I was one of those people who threw his $400 jersey in the trash when Jay-Z lyrically and physically gave up jerseys and moved to a more grown approach being the button-up. He has always had a high stake in what we all wearing up until now. With so many people having their hand in fashion like Kanye, Pharrell just to name a couple it seems like those two guys along with others are starting to take a hold of the fashion word leaving Jay-Z to either re-invent fashion again or role with the crowd.

Sadly to me, it seems that Jay-Z is starting to role with the crowd. One example was the horrible nap-shag that was seen on Kanye for months. Well it seems like it may have jumped off Kanye’s head and grabbed a hold of Jay-Z’s head sucking the life out of his fashion sense. The second example is Jay-Z rocking RT-1’s. True indeed, these sneakers were ok on the hype list, but not dope enough in the eyes of sneaker heads because they were sold as a general release. I haven’t seen Jay-Z rock general release nothing since the 90’s. Seeing Jay-Z rocking a pair of RT-1’s makes me want to step up my sneaker game.

Now we all know just as fast as I can post this, Jay-Z could hit the barber shop and crack heads once again. But I do not think that it is that easy this time. I do not think that the words Jay spit means the same. Of course whatever he drops I will listen, but would you take fashion advice from Jay at this point or the most highly rated person in Hip Hop as far as fashion Kanye? I think it may not of happen in person, but I think Jay-Z has passed the torch to Ye and has decided to slowly but surely become a family man.

I leave with this one simple question…. Does Jay-Z still influence what you where?

Eddie Van Halen Sues Nike Over Guitar’s Signature Color Scheme

Man this one came as a shock to me. A lot of artist copyright and insure things in their possession that is near and dear to them. For Eddie Van Halen it was his guitar named “FrankenStrat”. Apparently Van Halen had his guitar including the famous design on the guitar copyrighted in 2001.

The lawsuit is claiming that the Nike Dunk NYX design on the sole is the exact replica of Van Halen’s famous guitar. As part of the lawsuit Van Halen is looking for money as well as the destruction of every NYX ever produced. Nike in response claims that the stripes on the sole looks nothing like the design on the guitar, nor did the use the name of “Van Halen” while promoting this sneaker.

To my eyes as well the two, being the NYX Dunk and the guitar, look anything alike. They just so happen to have the same colors in common. This just really sounds like a cheap ploy to get some attention and I do not think that this is a lawsuit that Van Halen will win.

I do think that Nike will be the winner in the case. If they win the lawsuit the sneakers will get a boost and more people will look for this sneaker because thanks to Eddie, they are now semi classics. And if Van Halen was to win, Nike would still come out on top. How you say? Well because every NYX would have to be destroyed, many sneaker heads would hold on to their NYX’s because the sneakers would be almost like a fugitive in the sneaker world.

Any way it goes Nike will not lose……