The Leak:Air Jordan XII – Flu Game

I think the people are getting it over at Jordan brand. Not only do you release the sneaker, but make a concept out of it. Who can’t remember the night Jordan had the flu and still went in on Utah scoring 38 and driving them to victory. All why people were talking about Jordan having the flu, I was looking at Jordan’s feet real talk! I watch that whole game and his killer instinct would not let him lose, even if he would of died on that court. This sneaker is dope. It even has a little sick face on the tongue. It won’t be that much of a cold winter if you can get these on your feet. Check out the pics…..

One comment

  1. sirTes

    I remember the 12s was dropping so crazy
    back in 03-04!! ..My favorite next to the 8s!

    But im not feeling the nubuck on this.
    the leather is better. Im still coppin’ tho’!

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