Still Dogging Vick!




As we all learned a few day ago, Michael Vick has been reinstated into the NFL…. But Way! It is conditional! What might I mean by conditional you ask? It means that Michael Vick can sign with a team, practice with a team, play the last two games of the Preseason, but after that…… He will have to sit on the sidelines, rather at home and wait for Rodger Goddell to give him the Ok to play in a Regular season game. Too Much?

I feel at this point Vick has paid his debt to society. He spent two years in jail, lost every endorsement possible, has been embarrased numerous times by PITA and the media and he still has to wait to play a real game? I feel at this point the Commisioner of the NFL is just sticking to Vick making him the focus of all future NFL players and teaching them in advance not to mess up or you will be just another Vick-tum!.

I wish Michael Vick success. I hope sooner, rather than later, he gets signed to a team that trusts that he is not only a changed man, but a driven man who wants to prove that he is still one of the best ATHLETES period! What do you think of the situation. Do you think Vick has paid his debt, or do you think the Commissioner is right? Let me know and this has been my Food For Thought…


  1. Lanice

    Mike Vick has paid his dues, and it’s unfair how they’re treating him. I understand that they’re trying to teach him a lesson, but this is a little harsh. Like I said on my blog, Ed Stallworth killed a man because of drunk driving and speeding, yet Vick gets the harsher punishment. I just feel like Goodell has something against Vick and it’s a shame he’s taking it personal.

  2. iMCompleX

    I personally feel like Vick should not have even went to jail. He’s paid his debt to society and we all need to move forward most especially Goodell. All I can say is that when Vick comes back he needs to show why they paid him the big bucks and show that he’s done with the foolishness and he’s ready to compete.

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