Tyna- Fashion Stylist

The following words is from the mouth of  Tyna. She wants your attention. If you do not pay attention now, don’t get mad when she is booked later!

Who is Tyna “Fanciee” Logan??   Tyna is a fashion forward young woman who plans to take over Detroit with her creativity in fashion.  Tyna is one the best fashion stylist in the mid-west, she is known for her trend setting approach.  She has coordinated and produced the best of fashion shows some includes a show for Mercedes Benz, Cobo Hall (The Massacre), African American Museum (The Hollywood) and many more.  Tyna also puts her creativity touch on her clothing. YES!!! She’s a fashion designer as well…The name of her line is “Fanciee Clothing” you can purchase clothing at Bobs Classic Kicks or log on to www.fanciee.com.  For more info about Tyna Logan follow her on
If you’re interested in booking she for shows or any styling jobs cal toll free1 (888) 286 0079

bio of clothing line


A Fashion that aide’s new creativity in everyone is the epitome of style. Fanciee is the tool for setting
trends and looking out of ordinary, it brings out a particular inner self that’s within you. The line is
divided into collections; each collection is the physical manifestation of me growing in fashion. Fashion is
Fanciee and Fanciee is me. I believe if you put your heart and soul into anything only greatness will
unfold. Fanciee is what I like to call GREATNESS, it’s a well thought out process and the aftermath is
pure dissimilarity. Fanciee pays homage to fashion with each shirt, dress, jacket etc. It’s the dazzling
piece of art that stands out amongst the masses….Now is the time too experience the Fanciee Life!!!

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