Video of LeBron James Getting Dunked On By Jordan Crawford!

Remember where you seen it first. Right here is the exclusive video of LeBron James getting dunked on by Jordan Crawford, brother of NBA and Detroit borned and raised Joe Crawford. I think that the cheers after the dunk was bigger than the dunk itself.

Yes he did dunk on LeBron, but Nike holding the tape made the dunk sound worse than what it was. check out the video and you decide whether the dunk was that bad. A comment would be appreciated. Enjoy!


  1. Gregoire

    thats was bad but i dont think Lebron is a bitch people get real tough over the Net never understood that one hundred shit he got money if you could u would too.

  2. _sirTes

    Nawww LeBron is arrogant and egotistical!
    He cares about his image too much thats why
    he got the tapes pulled!
    He’s a big baby. Look at how he did after the
    Cavs lost to Orlando..
    I admit, he is handsdown one of the best right
    now but i wouldnt want him on my team
    with his type of leadership and attitude!

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