Willey Knox Jeans

I will admit that my jean colletion is limited. I have a fleet of Levi Jeans and a couple other pairs. But I think i will make room in my closet for a pair of Willey Knox Jeans. Below is some information on the company and of course I will post a pic or two. Keep your eyes open on this company. I definitely see them making their way to some of these boutiques shelves….

WilleyKnoxJeans is a clothing/apparel company that design, produce,market and promote high quality clothing that will provide an intimate and emotional connection to the consumer thus building a solid and long lasting relationship.  Our goal is to be an internationalforce within the fashion industry, creating a demand, a following, a niche and to incorporate fashion designs that are far ahead of so called fashion trends and continuing to constantly introduce new and innovative products to a stale market.

Founded in 2004, the Label Temporarily relocated to Tokyo, Japan where it was run for two and a half years with Great Review.  2009 saw the Label moving back to New York with a renewed vigor, fresh inspiration and a newsense of purpose, set to re-launch for the Fall 2009 season

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