Ms. Cris Promo Flyer

For once i will not put my words on here but that of the words of Ms. Cris. She has a mixtape coming out and she would like to talk to you the people! Enjoy:

The mixtape drops the last day of this month..the 31st!. It’s my first mixtape ever. My introduction to the world. I’m hip hop with an influence of pop and rock elements. It’s definitely reflected on my mixtape… give people a feel of what im about. It includes production from KHRYSIS, E.Jones, Olympiks, HeartBreakV, and TRAK GIRL… definitely some material i feel that folks can rock with.
My Bio—— Recording artist, designer, model, and socialite Ms. Cris is a product of the late 80’s born and raised in the city of Detroit, MI. With a style that is very eclectic, Princess of Hip Hop Glam, Ms.Cris is influenced by an extensive list of artists and genres of music, allowing her sound to be very colorful. It is a fusion of pop and hip hop which she refers to as “hip hop glam”. Cris is sure to bring the public a sweet new taste of what the entertainment industry is missing with her high energy and bright approach to fashion and music.

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