Last Week Was a Good Week

I know that I have not been posting like I usually do, but the last two weeks have been jammed back for me. Everyday I have had some type of meeting or just trying to catch up with certain things that I fell off on. Last Wednesday I went up to Burn Rubbber to meet up with Mike Sulaka, who is the designer of Stroke Street Wear. I am starting to take on the role of consultant for up and coming clothing lines. So Mike and I had a meeting in Royal Oak and I also had time to post up at Burn Rubber.

You can purchase Stroke Street Wear at Burn Rubber or you can go to the website at Check out the pics from that day…..

While up at Burn Rubber my dude James Grady stopped through with my lil cousin Jordan to drop off some art work for me….

And while checking out the art work my dudes Kory aka Treezen (Did I spell that right) and Kile Ogletree stop through to pick up tickets for the Kid Kudi, Asher Roth concert which you can also get from Burn Rubber. Kory had on his City Slick’ems lol….

My dude James Grady with my art work. My dude has talent…

This is me turned cartoon character. And what am I holding? A Stroop Waffle!

Speaking of Stroops….

My dude Mike of Stroke Street Wear… I will be bringing you pics of their clothes on a later date….

I never have taken a pic with my lil cuz before so I thought I end this post on some family business… And yes ladies he is sigle!


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