OTC Second Annual Block Party July 4th

This is a definite banger….. The music group known as OTC are actually all like my brothers. We all grew up together and they always had talks of doing something nice for the hood when they grew up. Last year’s block party brought nearly 1000 people out to our street Roselawn. Children and adults alike enjoyed their selves. The kids got to enjoy the blow up jumper and the adults got to enjoy the cotton candy lol…. As well as the kids.

There will be a second annual basketball tournament that I may play in as well as a celebration of their second mixtape set to release. I want everyone to come out to this block party. I enjoy it myself, plus it is my neighborhood. Oh did I mention Bar B Que and **FREE**. Sorry to leave those words out. Any questions or if you need directions you can call 313.205.6921…


Secondary note…… If you wish to perform at the block party email me the single you would like to perform along with your phone number just in case we choose you at juantheblogger@gmail.com        THIS IS WHERE YOU WANT TO BE!

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