Need A Vacation? Looking For a Dream Job?


My friend Amar who is the creater of (The Big is looking for people to apply for the ultimate dream job. Below is the information directly from the site. I think you all should sign up!

Need a vacation? Looking for a dream job? TheBigTrip.comsm brand travel site is about to change your life. We are now hiring for the greatest job in the world. Apply now to become our next correspondent traveler and spend 15 weeks traveling the country in style. Get ready to walk along the beautiful sandy beaches at the country’s best beach resorts, drive a Ferrari down the Las Vegas strip, skydive over the Red Rock mountains of the western deserts… and so so much more!

We are looking for our next candidate to live the dream life and get paid to do it. Your responsibilities will include having the time of your life, and documenting your journey along the way for the world to see.

The perks? Of course, all travel expenses are covered and the job comes with a $50,000 salary as well as benefits, and some great must have toys to use along the way. Sounds good? Make a video resume telling us why you would be perfect for this job and fill out the application to see if you have what it takes to be our next big star.

Use the navigation bar on the left to learn more about the job, the trip, or answer any questions. When you are ready, go ahead and apply.

*Sounds dope to me…. What are you waiting for???

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