Eddie Van Halen Sues Nike Over Guitar’s Signature Color Scheme

Man this one came as a shock to me. A lot of artist copyright and insure things in their possession that is near and dear to them. For Eddie Van Halen it was his guitar named “FrankenStrat”. Apparently Van Halen had his guitar including the famous design on the guitar copyrighted in 2001.

The lawsuit is claiming that the Nike Dunk NYX design on the sole is the exact replica of Van Halen’s famous guitar. As part of the lawsuit Van Halen is looking for money as well as the destruction of every NYX ever produced. Nike in response claims that the stripes on the sole looks nothing like the design on the guitar, nor did the use the name of “Van Halen” while promoting this sneaker.

To my eyes as well the two, being the NYX Dunk and the guitar, look anything alike. They just so happen to have the same colors in common. This just really sounds like a cheap ploy to get some attention and I do not think that this is a lawsuit that Van Halen will win.

I do think that Nike will be the winner in the case. If they win the lawsuit the sneakers will get a boost and more people will look for this sneaker because thanks to Eddie, they are now semi classics. And if Van Halen was to win, Nike would still come out on top. How you say? Well because every NYX would have to be destroyed, many sneaker heads would hold on to their NYX’s because the sneakers would be almost like a fugitive in the sneaker world.

Any way it goes Nike will not lose……

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