Does Jay-Z Still Influence What You Wear?

This was a post that I had originally did about two weeks ago that was never released due to people fearing a truthful opinion. I have been a fan of Jay-Z since day one. back in 1996 when Jay hit the scene his lyrics filled my ears. It was just two years later when Jay-Z made his imprint into the world of fashion. Roc-A-Wear was on the back of almost all the kids in the urban area. There was not a thing that Jay-Z could do wrong when it came to clothes.

I was one of those people who threw his $400 jersey in the trash when Jay-Z lyrically and physically gave up jerseys and moved to a more grown approach being the button-up. He has always had a high stake in what we all wearing up until now. With so many people having their hand in fashion like Kanye, Pharrell just to name a couple it seems like those two guys along with others are starting to take a hold of the fashion word leaving Jay-Z to either re-invent fashion again or role with the crowd.

Sadly to me, it seems that Jay-Z is starting to role with the crowd. One example was the horrible nap-shag that was seen on Kanye for months. Well it seems like it may have jumped off Kanye’s head and grabbed a hold of Jay-Z’s head sucking the life out of his fashion sense. The second example is Jay-Z rocking RT-1’s. True indeed, these sneakers were ok on the hype list, but not dope enough in the eyes of sneaker heads because they were sold as a general release. I haven’t seen Jay-Z rock general release nothing since the 90’s. Seeing Jay-Z rocking a pair of RT-1’s makes me want to step up my sneaker game.

Now we all know just as fast as I can post this, Jay-Z could hit the barber shop and crack heads once again. But I do not think that it is that easy this time. I do not think that the words Jay spit means the same. Of course whatever he drops I will listen, but would you take fashion advice from Jay at this point or the most highly rated person in Hip Hop as far as fashion Kanye? I think it may not of happen in person, but I think Jay-Z has passed the torch to Ye and has decided to slowly but surely become a family man.

I leave with this one simple question…. Does Jay-Z still influence what you where?


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