What I Got My Grandfather For Father’s Day

My grandfather is my hero. I don’t have a father and I never wish to meet the guy. My grandfather had to take over that role even though he was done being a father after my uncles and my mother grew up. He is now very sick and it is hard to believe that such a great story, which is my grandfather, will one day have an ending that I do not wish to see. But for now i celebrate him and I live each day of my life for him. I try to see the things that he has never seen and go to the places that he has never been to.

I wanted to get my grandfather a dope gift. One that would put a smile on his face and have him thinking about his gift for days to come. So I decided to go to the bank, get $100 in all ones. Separate them by $50. Then my next step was to go to McDonalds and buy 2 Big Macs because that is his favorite burger in the world. But there was a catch for one of the Big Macs. I actually only bought the buns for the second Big Mac.

My third step was getting home and placing the two stacks of $50 in the Big Mac buns to make him the most expensive Big Mac ever lol. When he opened the box and saw the money aka the Big Mac all he could do was stare. Partially because he had just got back from the eye doctor and second because he didn’t  know how much money he had. I video taped the whole thing. Check it out and Happy Father’s Day to all the real men that stick by their children. I hope that your children find you to be their hero like my grandfather is mines…..

My grandfather holding up his money and his real Big Mac lol


The burger looked so nice I had to take a bite lol



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